About Sherri

Sherri is a potter specializing in wood-fired ceramics. Focusing on both functional and aesthetic pottery, Sherri creates pieces that celebrate the small rituals of daily life.  She views pottery as a medium for cultivating appreciation for the imperfect and unpredictable. Currently based in Charlottesville, VA, she fires her work in the kilns at Tye River Pottery and Muddy Creek Pottery. Most recently Sherri completed a two year apprenticeship with Kevin Crowe at Tye River Pottery, and continues to work closely with her mentor.
Born in New York, she knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist, which lead her to specialize in art in high school and study pottery, drawing, painting, sculpture and photography at Dutchess Community College before moving to Virginia in 2010.
Sherri has also pursued a multidisciplinary career as a winemaker and brewer; she has worked at a number of wineries including Blenheim Vineyards and Stone Mountain Vineyards while also brewing beer at the Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia. When not at the potters wheel, she also enjoys falconry and mushroom hunting.
Learn more about my mentor,  Kevin Crowe and Tye River Pottery at: http://www.kevincrowepottery.com/
Learn more about Noah Hughey-Commers and Muddy Creek Pottery at: http://www.noahwoodfired.com/